We are a story. Blank pages in an endless book; characters existing and evolving through each line. Our binding, interwoven, like the glistening threads strung across far branches in the morning dew. Our covers — only giving the slightest glimpse into what lies within.

A squeaky-voiced child sat in a waiting room, preparing to be examined by a doctor as a couple walked in with their daughter. They were tense, uncertain of how the world would react to her presence. Her physical appearance was distorted in relation to those around and she was unable to see the world with the eyes she was given. “Mom, what’s wrong with that little girl?” And with a mother’s reply, “Nothing is wrong with her, God makes everyone special.” Regardless of having not yet learned to read, I decided to sit next to her with a book and share a story with her. The surrounding tension turned to smiles, and it was at this moment that I became obsessed with the human condition and connection.

Ever since I was young, I knew that we are all creators. One can walk into a room replete with despondency, and with action, shape a new environment brimming with joy. We limit ourselves by defining who we are and what we’re capable of by what we choose to do in given moment. Even though cameras have always played an integral role in my life and creative process, I no longer see myself as a photographer, but someone using a camera to change the world.