I had never been to the jungle, but I’ve always dreamed of it.


Thamara and I traveled six hours from Mexico City to San Luis Potosi to visit our friends David and Daniel before heading to the jungle town of Xilitla, which lay nestled among the rugged landscape located in the Huasteca region of central Mexico. We spent the next few days enjoying the additional companionship of beautiful friends as we explored the city and its surrounding natural beauty. After remedying a confusing bus situation, we were on our second 6-hour ride into the jungle.


I remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking out the bus window. Glimpses of the behemoth that was the Sierra Madre Oriental roared past as the bus blazed down the road and through the mountain range. It was incredibly vast, and although there was no light other than the stars above, I could feel their colossal presence as the silhouetted mountain peaks raced through the heavens above.


Next thing I knew, we were standing in warm jungle rain with nowhere to go, but everywhere to be.

If you ever find yourself dreaming of the jungle, Xilita is certainly a place to give it life. And if you do find yourself among the large leaves and songs of the wild, be sure to stay at the peculiar Casa Caracol: that place is an experience of its own.


  1. April 23, 2018

    Really a love YOU historia dude! Congratulation ❤️


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